What’s Next?

I’ve talked about trends before. I still curious what will come next in the realm of fantasy. It’s true that therre are fantasy staples that won’t go away. Dragons and epic fantasy, vampires and urban fantasy – these aren’t going to disappear overnight. I do think vampire romance might be on the way down, only to be replaced by something else. Question is, what?

I’ve seen a lot of deals for steampunk urban fantasies, and mermaids seem to be making a resurgence. Or maybe just a surgence, since I don’t recall a previous wave of mermaid books. I fail to see the attraction, really. As a writer it must be difficult to write a story about merfolk, with the limitations of their being sea dwellers.

Some other possibilities for future trend setters:
Urban fantasy –
Harpies, perhaps good for a romance novel?
“I don’t care if she has chicken feet, I love her!”
Gargoyles (maybe an erotica thing there)
“Do I make you hard?”
“I’m made of stone…It’s a package deal.”
“Oooo, you said ‘package'”

Epic fantasy –
There’s a host of mythical beings from other cultures that would make for interesting characters.

Angels made a wave, briefly. I’d really expected them to be the next vampire replacement. Guess they dont have enough of a bad boy vibe.

Anyone else got a thought as to the next breakout trend?


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