Book Review – Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow

I have to admit that this book has sat on my Kindle (app) for awhile now. It was one of those we-also-recommend purchases. The description on Amazon was interesting so I gave her a shot.

For those who haven’t read it, this is the first in an urban fantasy series. It’s told in first person, following the adventures of Jill Kismet. She’s a Hunter, one involved in policing the darker side of a big city. Most of the trouble centers around demonic entities – hellbreeds, and those that interact with them. She’s roughly aligned with the police, FBI, and the shapeshifting ‘Weres.

This novel deals with a series of bizarre murders and Jill’s effort to apprehend who – or what – is behind them.

I think that one of the more challenging aspects of the first book in a series is telling a compelling story while world building in a way that it introduces and integrates seamlessly. Saintcrow manages this well.

The Good – Compelling main plot line, great world building. Found myself eager to find time to read more.
The Bad – some of the plot points get buried in the descriptive process. Dwells excessively on description, and trends to use longer run-on sentences to convey action. I find myself skimming portions and missing something that I then have to go back and search for. Also, this falls into a lot of the tropes of the genre I’ve read lately. First person, leather clad female protagonist, taboo love interest. I kept having to remind myself who I was reading – so many are blending together for me.
The Ugly – Next two books in the series? Priced at $7.99 each for Kindle

On the whole, I finished this book and was pleased enough with it that I immediately purchased the next one.


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