I’ve got an idea

So, I’ve been barreling along with my current books and stories with a particular character. I’m fairly nervous about the landscape of the publishing world, so I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude before I jump in either direction (self pub vs getting an agent).

(Of course, I’ve writing short stories, and now that I have a small stack, I’ve got to decide whether to get them published in some short story forum – i.e. magazine / website – or put them up in a variety of collections for sale, to build a bit of name recognition out there. That’s a topic for another post, thought.)

Anyway, I’ve got several novels plotted out for this character, some cool stuff that happens to him and great adventures to whack him in the face. Peril, a damsel or two, and subplots galore.

Then it happens. I have an idea, and it’s for a different character. Different circumstances, different kind of guy, different things he’d deal with from my other character. I’m thinking it’d be the same world, even the same city. Having short stories where the two’d interact would have some potential, plus introduce people to both of them. One of the series would be first person POV, the other third.

I’m even adopting a different process of writing for this one. The first series has detailed plots and subplots, spanning several novels and is third person POV. I write it out longhand first, then revise as I type it up. The new series has no outline. I’ve got an idea of where I want the novel to go, how the next few scenes will play out. I’m typing it, not writing it. First person POV. It’ll be interesting to see how such a switch works for changing voice and crafting an interesting story.

There is some research out there that demonstrates typing out a story versus writing it longhand engages separate parts of the brain, beyond those needed to type versus write. So, this should be an intriguing experiment. It’ll also be my first foray into including a bit of romance – my first series has a main character who’s a widower, hasn’t dealt with that and so can’t handle a relationship.

I’ll update occasionally on how the experiment’s going, or if I write myself into a dark corner with a serial killer nearby.


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