Recent Readings

So, I’ve been writing a new story lately, but I’ve also been doing a fair amount more reading as well. I’d been trying to reread GRR Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice – or the Game of Thrones books, for those only familiar with the HBO series – but was having a hard time getting back into the story. I’d forgotten how many screwball tangents he throws into his books, how choppy the narrative was. I really wanted to read the fifth book, but knew I’d be lost without being grounded in the story. Anyway, I then learned there are two more coming, which’ll take a decade at least, so I stopped reading.

It’s the same thing that I felt with the Wheel of Time series from Robert Jordan. I read quite a few, but the plot became so complex, following 4, 5, 6 different threads at a time, that I got lost when a new book came out and it had been a year since reading the others. I resolved to wait until the entire series is out before reading any more. The last couple are coming out soon, though the series has actually outlived its author.

It’s a catch-22 I guess. I love the complex stories while I’m in them, but caring over between books is too much.

ANYWAY, I’ve been reading different authors lately. I’m continuing to read Lilith Saintcrow’s Jill Kismet series. I reviewed the first one about a month ago. The same issues I had with that one I’ve had with the others, which are few. She spins an enjoyable tale, dark and gritty urban fantasy, with a minimum of plot carryover between books. I did see where she’s ending the series after seven I believe. Definitely a recommended read.

I’ve also read two of the three Twenty Palaces novels by Harry Connolly. This’s another urban fantasy, first person POV. They’ve really been keep-reading-long-after-I-should-be-sleeping novels. The protagonist is a clever guy, though sometimes I wish he had more than just one spell to use. It gets a little repetitive, and it’s always the way out of a jam, it seems. Still, I’d highly recommend these books. There’s only three out, so make ’em last.

Lastly, I’m reading the second Lee Child book about ret. Major Reacher. Great thrillers, wonderful protagonist. Not urban fantasy, but still a book to pick up as a cleanser between fantasy series. Fortunately, there are a lot more of the Reacher novels to read.


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